The project through local practice and voluntary work of youth want to contribute to awareness change that will result in practice changes and improvement of services and performance of relevant rural actors. Specific Objectives :

1) Increase the skills and competence of youth leaders, educators and trainers, (teachers/trainers/lecturers)

2) Improve the awareness, empathy, participation of youth and kids in sustainable and climate change adaptation initiatives and acticities.

3) Contribute to diversification and improvement of tourism services quality in Carpathian and Caucasian areas.

Planned activities :

We will identify local challenges, shortcomings and bad practices as well as best practices in rural tourism development. Consequently we will organize a Study tour for EaP trainers and youth leaders from Ukraine and Georgia to visit the best practice sites of sustianable tourism in all V4 countries. We will preapre the base of the future guidebook of sustainable soft tourism that will address the previous findings and provide hints and advices for practicioners. In the meantime our EaP Partners will analyze the rural locations and areas and design practical usefull solutions for rural communities. We plan to organzie two international youth vountary camps each with 30 visitng and 10 local young people and realize innovative youth camps that will in practice involve youth in practical work restoring some negative phenomena in target destinations in UA and GE. We plan to restore selected cultural and natural heritage sites in rural destinations of Georgia and Ukraine (e.g. Svaneti tower, hiking trail in Ukraine) and thus improve tourism services that deal with cultural and natural heritage (information leaflets, boards, trail marks,) From each youth camp we will prepare an image portfolio for the benefit of local tourist agencies and stakeholders to increase the range and quality of regional / rural tourist product.